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Soothe & Heal – How to care for various burn injuries on skin

Burns are the most common, and one of the most painful injuries that can happen to anyone on a regular day. There are many types of burns which can be classified by its severity and treatment can be provided for it at home accordingly. It could be anything, like coming in contact with a hot utensil in the kitchen while cooking, being exposed to the sun for a long period, rash from fabrics like polyester, or laser treatments for skin and hair like tattoo removal, hair transplant/removal, etc.

Given below are the types of burns that can be treated at home

First Degree burns – the skin turns red, there is a minor, visible swelling with pain and inflammation. After a while, the skin on it begins to peel off.

Second Degree burns – The skin turns extreme red and soon a blister appears on the burnt area. This is a more serious case the damage could be to more than one layer of the skin. There’s a stinging feeling on the part of the skin that is affected.

Common treatment mistakes

Improper treatment of burns at home can cause the injury to aggravate. Two of the most commonly made mistakes in treating burns at home are applying ice to the burn injury directly, and swabbing the burn using cotton balls. The ice makes the damage worse, while the cotton fibres would stick to the injury and may cause it to become a sceptic.Normally, first degree burns heal within a week if treated properly, and second-degree burns could take a bit longer time. But both of them can be treated at home, depending on the severity and area of the burn. First and second degree burns as small as 3 inches can be treated at home.

The safest and immediate steps to be taken upon suffering a burn is as follow:

  • Place and soak your burn wound under cold running water for at least 5 minutes.
  • If the pain is getting unbearable, it is advised that you take any ibuprofen pain relief tablet.
  • Apply some honey or a layer of Aloe Vera gel scooped directly from the flesh of the plant. Both these household items have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Once you have done the initial care for your burn, the next step you can take is to apply Rovaxi Plus Gel to the wound and gauze it shut to protect it from exposure to airborne particles like dust and microorganisms, that might cause the burn to aggravate and take more time to heal. Upon application of the Rovaxi Plus gel, you feel a soothing, cool effect on the burn, giving you much relief from the sting of the injury.

Why Rovaxi Plus Gel

Rovaxi Plus Gel is prepared using carefully selected, highly standardized and effective herbal ingredients known for their powerful antiseptic and wound healing properties. When 10,000,000 (One Crore) pathogenic microbes are added to one gram of Rovaxi Plus Gel, it is capable of killing up to 99.99 % of pathogenic microbes within 24 hours of exposure. Such powerful Anti- microbial and strong wound healing properties of this product completely heals most difficult wounds and burns within few days due to its capacity to accelerate healing process several times.

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Heal with Ayurveda – Skincare and Medication done right!

Rovaxi Plus Gel

The Rovaxi Plus Gel is a herbal skin medication Gel by JAP Herbals. Developed after 3 years of in-depth research and development, this
Gel is antiseptic, wound healing, near-neutral pH and it is water miscible, non-staining, non-irritant, soothing product to suit all kinds of skin.

Why They Love Us

Why They Love Us

Amazing results

I have been using RoVaxi for a long time and the results have been amazing. Whenever anyone in my family gets a burn, we immediately apply the gel and which soothes the pain and doesn’t leave any mark. It works wonders as it heals the wound faster than usual. I have recommended this gel to my friends and family and would continue to do so.

Hiral Shah

Director, Saga Lifesciences Limited
Totally Satisfied!

I have a heavy body and hence I suffer from rashes on the inner thighs due to fabric and skin friction, which was very irritating and difficult for me to walk. I tried various gels before settling for RoVaxi, which I am using since a year and got rid of my rashes and irritation. It is a wonderful product.

Poojan Soni

Every home must have it!

RoVaxi has helped me reduce pimple marks from my face, improve the skin and even got me to get rid of my dry scalp and scales problem. I even recommended it to my friend who had burned her lege from hot water. She was astounded that her skin didn’t turn usual black and there were no spots, but pink skin. The results have been great for my family too and I’d recommend every home to have it in their medicine box.

Mayuri Patel

Proprietor, Lakem Laboratories
Great results!

We used the Rovaxi Plus Gel for my sister who was suffering from vascular insufficiency and the results were extremely positive. We also used it to heal certain wounds that had happened due to other causes, and its response was very good. I’d totally recommend the Rovaxi Plus Gel.

Dr. Vikram Shah

Radiologist, Naranpura X-Ray & Sonography Clinic, Ahmedabad
Works like a miracle.

I’d absolutely recommend the Rovaxi Plus Gel, which I’ve been using for six months. It works like a miracle on burns and wounds, plus it can be used as beauty gel too.

Sunil Vasavda

President, MS Pharma Inc, USA
A Boon For Sensitive Skin!

I've been using Rovaxi for 6 months now, and it has provided great healing effect on rashes that cause great irritation on the skin, with instant relief from the burn and pain upon application. The low oil content in it ensures less stickiness on the skin. I would always recommend this gel to all.

Hardi Patel

Founder-Director, Velvet Escapes
Satisfied & surely recommended!

We used the Rovaxi Plus Gel for my mother aged 79 years, who was suffering from very bad bedsores, vaginal and thigh rashes after being hospitalised for mucormycosis for over 30 days. The bedsores and rashes began to heal in 2-3 days and stopped recurring. My mother had felt a calming effect upon its application, and the personal nursing staff were satisfied with the results too. I’d surely recommend this gel for its quick healing.

Manish Nivsarkar

Director, BV Patel PERD Centre.
Certainly recommended!

My daughter’s skin used to develop a lot of diaper rashes between the ages of 6 to 9 months. None of the creams we tried worked. That’s when a close friend suggested RoVaxi to me and it healed the rashes pretty quickly.

Bindu N

Mother & homemaker